Your writing “doesn't have to be socially powerful to be worthwhile, meaningful and important... Be content to touch what you touch."
A superstar golf coach has a key lesson that applies to your writing life, too.
A Christian romance novel that trivialized Lakota tragedy to give emotional texture to its White protagonist won a major prize. Outrage followed, as it…
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Learning from the example of John Luther Adams
One thing I’m gradually beginning to understand more clearly is how to look at writing as a process rather than a product.
"...if I had only known the book was going to matter to anybody, broke and desperate though I was, I might have done a second draft."
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“We write, first and foremost, because we have something we want to share with the world.” That’s a line from Our Endless and Proper Work, the book bas…
Are you ready to look within yourself and find the story that only you can tell?
You can dream about all the adulation you'll get once you cross the finish line, but it'll never happen if you don't start making your way forward.