#NaNoWriMo's Done. What Next?

I hope you all enjoyed the (nearly) daily newsletters during National Novel Writing Month. The next all-access edition of the newsletter will come out around the end of the month. If you’re a paid subscriber, though, you’ll get newsletters on or around December 10 and December 20. If you’re not a paid subscriber, it’s easy to become one!

When I’m not writing this newsletter, I often do developmental editing for clients. If you actually wrote a short novel during NaNoWriMo, I can provide you with a consultation—in fact, through the end of December, I’m offering a special rate on manuscripts that are 60,000 words or less of $500, a 33% savings from the usual $750 fee for any novel-length manuscript. If that’s still more than you’re quite prepared to spend, I also offer consultations on the first fifty pages of a manuscript for just $200. You’ll get a detailed critique of how effectively your story is coming across in the words you’re using to tell it, including recognition of what’s working and suggestions about how to improve the elements that aren’t as successful yet—plus I can get on the phone with you and talk over anything that came up in the critique (and anything that didn’t) for up to an hour.

Plus, if you get the fifty-page critique, and you’re encouraged by what you hear, you can always choose to have me look at the rest of the manuscript, and I’ll apply that initial $200 payment towards the fee for consulting on the entire novel.

If you’re interested, here are more details, including links to contact me directly.

Thanks to everyone who’s joined the newsletter over the last month; the pace will certainly be a bit slower between now and next November, but I hope you’ll continue to enjoy each email as it comes, however frequently you’re receiving them. And if you know other writers who might be interested in these letters as well, pass one along to them! Like any writer, I rely heavily on word of mouth, and it’s always encouraging to find out that someone was motivated to share something I wrote with someone else.

Okay! Some of you will hear from me next week, and some of you at the end of the month. Until then, whichever “then” is then, I hope you’re having a great season, and that you’re capitalizing on whatever momentum your writing practice might have gained over the last month (whether you took an active part in NaNoWriMo or not).